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Lectionary Essays for the year 2022.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
One of Us Debie Thomas
Many Gifts, One Spirit Debie Thomas
Today Debie Thomas
The Greatest of These Debie Thomas
I Saw the Lord Debie Thomas
Leveled Debie Thomas
The Work of Forgiveness Debie Thomas
Down From the Mountain Debie Thomas
In the Barren Places Debie Thomas
I Have Longed Debie Thomas
What Are You Asking? Debie Thomas
Love and Lostness Debie Thomas
Beauty and Breaking Debie Thomas
Cruciform Debie Thomas
Rising Debie Thomas
Do You Believe This? Dan Clendenin
A New Newness Dan Clendenin
The Coldest Monster Dan Clendenin
The Home of God is Among Mortals Michael Fitzpatrick
The Ends of the Earth Dan Clendenin
War No More Dan Clendenin
Pentecostal Praise Ricardo Avila
God in 3-D Michael Fitzpatrick
God's Gentle Whisper Dan Clendenin
My Favorite Verse That's Not in the Bible Dan Clendenin
Exclusion and Embrace Dan Clendenin
Learning the Lord's Paths Michael Fitzpatrick
Amos: Will Not the Land Tremble? Dan Clendenin
What is God Like? Dan Clendenin
Be On Your Guard Dan Clendenin
Called to Restlessness Debie Thomas
Theology by Widows Michael Fitzpatrick
No Call Without Conflict Dan Clendenin
Be Careful Where You Sit Dan Clendenin
Listen to Your Life Dan Clendenin
The Lord's Mind was Changed Michael Fitzpatrick
Lovers of Money Dan Clendenin
The Key to Sanity and Survival Dan Clendenin
Fragments of Faith Dan Clendenin
This Saying is Sure Michael Fitzpatrick
The Lord is Your Keeper Dan Clendenin
When Hope and History Rhyme Dan Clendenin
Zacchaeus: The Tale of a Tax Collector Dan Clendenin
Haggai and the Politics of God Dan Clendenin
If we do not work, we should not eat? Michael Fitzpatrick
Yes, I am a King Dan Clendenin
Our Hidden Future; The First Sunday in Advent Amy Frykholm
For the Meek of the Earth; The Second Sunday in Advent Michael Fitzpatrick
Has It All Been for Nothing? The Third Sunday in Advent Debie Thomas
Come and Save Us! The Fourth Sunday in Advent Dan Clendenin
Delay No Longer! The Great Antiphons Dan Clendenin
13 Books From 2022 Dan Clendenin

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