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Lectionary Essays for the year 2012.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
"I Know How You Feel:" The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus Dan Clendenin
Intimately Acquainted with All My Ways Dan Clendenin
Are You An Evangelical? Dan Clendenin
Honor to Whom Honor is Due: Celebrating Black History Month Dan Clendenin
"This is Why I Have Come:" Healing and Wholeness for Body and Soul Dan Clendenin
A Little Girl Heals a Great Man: Exclusion and Embrace Dan Clendenin
Discerning Divine Judgment Dan Clendenin
A Day of Ashes and Rituals of Renewal Ron Hansen    
A Staggering Difference and a Profound Transformation Dan Clendenin
The Word of the Cross and the Wisdom of the World Dan Clendenin
It's True: Confession is Good for the Soul Dan Clendenin
The "Backward Life" of Lenten Spring Dan Clendenin
The Edge of the World Sara Miles
"They Didn't Believe the Women" Dan Clendenin
Communities of Compassion, Then and Now Dan Clendenin
We Can Do Better: Holocaust Remembrance Day Dan Clendenin
Altruism: The World of Nature Points to the Way of Grace Dan Clendenin
A Father, A Son, and Two Important Questions Dan Clendenin
"Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands" Dan Clendenin
Judas and Matthias: Human Decisions and Divine Destiny Dan Clendenin
The Comforter Has Come: Everywhere, Always, for All Dan Clendenin
The Infinite God as Truly Intimate: Trinity Sunday Dan Clendenin
Collision Course: The Kingdom of God and the Status Quo of the World Dan Clendenin
Walking the Ancient Way of Saint James: Expecting the Unexpected Dan Clendenin
A Note to Our Readers: JwJ 2004–2012 Dan Clendenin
I'm Already Against the Next War: War and Violence, Sacred and Secular Dan Clendenin
"They Took Offense at Him:" Losing Your Mind to Find Your Way Dan Clendenin
Sacred Scripture, Violent Verses: How Should We Read the Bible's Texts of Terror? Dan Clendenin
He Made the Two One Dan Clendenin
Befriending our Brokenness: Lessons from Maurice Sendak (1928–2012) Dan Clendenin
Human Desires Divinely Filled: Jesus the Bread of Life Dan Clendenin
A Deep Moment: The Way of Saint James and the Words of Jesus Dan Clendenin
"An Inevitable and Tragic Conflict:" The Christian Gospel and America's Presidential Election Dan Clendenin
Were the First Christians Cannibals? "Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood" Dan Clendenin
Religious Faith: Worthless or Faultless? Dan Clendenin
Playing Favorites: What Will Campbell Learned Dan Clendenin
"Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak:" Toxic Talk and The Virtue of Silence Dan Clendenin
Saying Yes to Women and Children: Contrarian Wisdom for a Fallen World Dan Clendenin
Was Ann Romney Right? Infinite Mystery, Intimate Goodness Dan Clendenin
"Who Has Invented Our Enmity?" Ecumenical Generosity For World Communion Sunday Dan Clendenin
At Least He Was Honest: The Rich Young Ruler Dan Clendenin
Cheap Success or Self-Surrender? Dan Clendenin
Piety and Prosperity: A Satanic Wager Dan Clendenin
What's So Golden About the Golden Rule? Ron Hansen
America's Presidential Election and The "Public Face of God's Purpose" Dan Clendenin
"Watch Out," Says Jesus: Ten Warning Signs That Religion Has Become Evil Dan Clendenin
"Yes, I am a King:" The Anti-Politics of Christ the King Dan Clendenin
A Season of Difficult Hope Art Ammann
A Desert and a Dungeon: God's Presence in our Place Dan Clendenin
Our God-haunted World Marilynne Robinson
"Blessed is the Child You Will Bear:" Advent and Anxiety Dan Clendenin
Best Books of 2012 Dan Clendenin
America's Infanticide: No Cheap Comfort Dan Clendenin

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