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Lectionary Essays for the year 2013.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
When the Trite is Also True Dan Clendenin
Turning Water to Wine: God's Excess and Extravagance Dan Clendenin
"It's a Gift:" One Body, Many Parts Dan Clendenin
From a White Colonist to a Black Councilman: Celebrating Black History Month Dan Clendenin
Behind the Veil of Everyday Life: A Neurosurgeon's Near Death Experience Dan Clendenin
Temptation and Testing: Made Like Us in All Things Ron Hansen
"Do Not Be Afraid:" Radical Faith in New Possibilities Edwina Gateley
Hungering for Food That Doesn't Exist Dan Clendenin
"This Man Welcomes Sinners" Dan Clendenin
"She Did What She Could:" Mary Anoints Jesus at Bethany Dan Clendenin
The Passion of Our Lord: The Earliest Memories, Contemporary Echoes Dan Clendenin
"Deeper Magic Before The Dawn of Time" Dan Clendenin
Remembering Rosa Parks: The Radical Faith of a Rebel Christian Dan Clendenin
Picking Up the Broken Pieces Dan Clendenin
"I Should Not Call Any Man Unclean:" Peter the Apostle Meets Simon the Tanner Dan Clendenin
"To Carry the Candle Against the Wind" The New Commandment of Jesus Dan Clendenin
"Better Than We Know to Ask:" Celtic Blessings for All The World Dan Clendenin
"I Am Giving Thee Worship With My Whole Life:" Celtic Prayer as a Guide to Faith Dan Clendenin
Back From the Dead: A Contemporary Pentecost Story Edwina Gateley
Lo Cotidiano Dan Clendenin
"If The Lord is God, Follow Him:" Elijah and the Prophets of Baal Dan Clendenin
Jesus and the Widow of Nain: "His Heart Went Out to Her" Dan Clendenin
Glimmers of Hope: Prophetic Voices and Political Violence Dan Clendenin
"My Name Is Legion:" Seeing Ourselves in the Gerasene Demoniac Dan Clendenin
A Note to Our Readers: JwJ 2004–2013 Dan Clendenin
"Go!" Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two Dan Clendenin
"Go and Do Likewise" The Parable of the Good Samaritan Dan Clendenin
Choosing the Better Part: Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha Dan Clendenin
"Lord, Teach Us To Pray:" Our Kids and God's Kingdom Joan Bigwood
"Watch Out for Greed!" The Parable of the Rich Fool Dan Clendenin
Imitating Abraham: Strangers in a Strange Land Dan Clendenin
Not Peace But Division: The Embarrassing Words of Jesus Dan Clendenin
Jeremiah: Human Struggle with the Divine Call Dan Clendenin
Food, the Kingdom of God and a Texas Street Wedding Dan Clendenin
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: A Mother-Daughter Trip to Guatemala Beth Kawasaki
"Aelwyd a Gymhell:" What I Learned in Wales This Summer Dan Clendenin
"Horror Grips Me:" Remembering Congo Dan Clendenin
Poverty Reduction — Of the Soul: the Parable of Dives and Lazarus Dan Clendenin
Accept One Another Dan Clendenin
A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Israel in Exile, Paul in Jail Dan Clendenin
Keep Praying, and Don't Give Up: The Parable of the Persistent Widow Dan Clendenin
Comfort and Critique: The Prophet Joel and a Plague of Locusts Dan Clendenin
A Repentant Sinner or a Hidden Saint? The Story of Zacchaeus Dan Clendenin
This Age, That Age: Sex and the Sadducees Dan Clendenin
Don't Grow Tired Of Doing Good Dan Clendenin
"They Say There's Another King, One Called Jesus" Dan Clendenin
A Tale of Two Realities Art Ammann
The Peaceable Kingdom Ron Hansen
"Lo, Faithful Virgin" Dan Clendenin
Betting on Salvation Dan Clendenin
The Best of the Rest, 2013: Books and Films Dan Clendenin
An Urban Epiphany Edwina Gateley

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