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Lectionary Essays for the year 2009.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
From the Judean Desert to the Jordan River: John Baptizes His Cousin Jesus Dan Clendenin
Is God Still Speaking? Samuel and the Silence of God Dan Clendenin
"The Time Has Come" Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2009 Dan Clendenin
Who Speaks for God? Dan Clendenin
Perfection is the Voice of the Oppressor: A Spirituality of Imperfection Dan Clendenin
A Nameless Nobody Advises a "Great Man": The Outsider In, the Insider Out Dan Clendenin
A Beautiful Lie or an Eyewitness Account? The Transfiguration of Jesus Dan Clendenin
Meditation on Mortality: First Sunday in Lent 2009 Dan Clendenin
Grace is Free, But It's Not Cheap Second Sunday in Lent 2009 Dan Clendenin
Jesus Unhinged; the Cleansing of the Temple Third Sunday in Lent 2009 Dan Clendenin
Far From Over: The Costs and Consequences of War in Iraq: Fourth Sunday in Lent 2009 Dan Clendenin
The Confession of a King: Fifth Sunday in Lent 2009 Dan Clendenin
Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday: "He's No Friend of Caesar!": Sixth Sunday in Lent 2009 Dan Clendenin
"Judge For Yourselves" Dan Clendenin
"They Enjoyed The Favor of All the People" Christian Generosity of Community and Compassion Dan Clendenin
Every Name in Every Nation: Holocaust Remembrance Day Dan Clendenin
The Only Way to the Only God? Dan Clendenin
In Divine Desertion, A Human Presence: Saintly Wisdom from Two Teresas Dan Clendenin
That Your Joy May Be Complete: Ancient Poetry for Modern Pilgrims Dan Clendenin
Human Decision and Divine Destiny: Judas and Matthias Dan Clendenin
The Descent of a Dove and the Peace of Pentecost Dan Clendenin
God Infinite, God Intimate Dan Clendenin
Facebook Wisdom: "Life Does Not Turn By Your Own Hand" Dan Clendenin
"After He Killed Him, He Cut Off His Head:" David, Goliath, and Sacred Violence Dan Clendenin
Listening to the Losers: The True Nature of War Dan Clendenin
Are We Really Listening to the Right Messages? Reflections on a Teenage Suicide Dan Clendenin
Deceptively Simple, Deeply Subversive: John the Baptist, Politics and Religion Dan Clendenin
One New Humanity: Salvation is from the Jews Dan Clendenin
The Divine Father of the Whole Human Family Dan Clendenin
Accept No Substitutes: Earthly Appetites, Heavenly Bread, and Human Wholeness Dan Clendenin
Putting Off Vice, Putting On Virtue: Becoming Truly Holy and Fully Human Dan Clendenin
The "Anti-Politics" of the Gospel: What We Learn from King Solomon Dan Clendenin
No More! "Many Disciples Deserted Jesus" Dan Clendenin
From Ritual Holiness to Human Compassion: Jesus and the Politics of Purity Dan Clendenin
Don't Flatter the Rich or Plunder the Poor Dan Clendenin
Taming the Tongue Dan Clendenin
From the Faculty Club to the Church Nursery: Little Children and the Kingdom of God Dan Clendenin
Transcendent and Immanent: Honoring God's Mystery, Embracing His Goodness Dan Clendenin
Between Nature and Grace Dan Clendenin
The Problem of Evil and the Providence of God: Our Gray and Dappled World Dan Clendenin
Not So with You Dan Clendenin
The Story of Job: Personal Disaster Reveals Genuine Faith Dan Clendenin
"A Remarkable Exercise in Honest Thinking:" Reformation Day 2009 Dan Clendenin
She Gave All That She Had: Finding Wisdom in the Lives of Three Widows Dan Clendenin
"You Must Be On Your Guard:" 10 Warning Signs That Religion Has Become Evil Dan Clendenin
Can a Good Christian Be a Good Citizen? The Reign of Christ the King Dan Clendenin
Feed My Sheep — Every Day Art Ammann
From the Deep of the Desert: The Subversion of Politics and Religion Dan Clendenin
From Political Analysis to Moral Accountability: Ancient Poetry and Modern "Eliminationism" Dan Clendenin
"Immensity Cloistered in Thy Dear Womb:" Venerating the Mother of God, Worshipping the Son of God Dan Clendenin
"Plunge Yourself Into Obscurity:" The Hidden Years of the Boy Jesus Dan Clendenin
The Fulfillment of Time: When Creation in Genesis Meets Redemption in Jesus Dan Clendenin

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