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Lectionary Essays for the year 2007.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
The Baptism of Jesus: A Vision and a Voice Dan Clendenin
The Miracle at Cana: A Whole Lot of Strong Wine Dan Clendenin
Eat the Fat, Drink the Wine Dan Clendenin
The Call of Jeremiah: Human Struggle with the Divine Summons Dan Clendenin
I Am What I Am: Listening to Isaiah, Paul, and Peter Dan Clendenin
From Either-Or to Both-And Deborah Core
The Dial and the Switch: Recognizing the Moments of God's Special Visitation Pam Fickenscher
From Ashes to Fire: First Sunday in Lent 2007 Nora Gallagher
I Must Keep Going: Lent's Unfinished Business Dan Clendenin
Clarifying Moments of Warning and Invitation Dan Clendenin
Coming All the Way Home: Affirming the “Incidental Face” of Creation Daniel Deffenbaugh
Poetry for Peace in a Time of War: On the Fourth Anniversary of the Iraq War Dan Clendenin
He's Subverting Our Nation! Palm Sunday Dan Clendenin
Believing the Believers: "Public Evidence for a Mystery" Dan Clendenin
We Must Obey God Rather Than Men: With Gratitude to Morgan Tsvangirai Dan Clendenin
Peter and Paul: Before and After Dan Clendenin
Every Tribe, Every Tear: "The Healing of the Nations" Dan Clendenin
Any Person, Every Nation:"Even the Gentiles" Dan Clendenin
Bottled Lightning: Don't Extinguish the Fire, Don't Shatter the Vessel Dan Clendenin
The Last Sentence of the Bible: Grace to All Dan Clendenin
Beyond Babel: Pentecost Sunday Dan Clendenin
Upside-down and Backward: Finding Faith to Read Reality Dan Clendenin
Paul's "Previous Way of Life": From Violent Aggression to Indiscriminate Love Dan Clendenin
Are Women Human? Jesus, Women, and Identity Politics Dan Clendenin
Celebrating Three Years: 2004–2007 Dan Clendenin
The Only, Entire, and Greatest Thing: The Most Important Verse Not in the Bible Dan Clendenin
Like Lambs Among Wolves: Gospel Reflections on the Temptations of Violence Sarah Miles
The Prophet Amos to the Priest Amaziah: Stop Pimping Religion for Political Empire Dan Clendenin
Growing Strong By Destroying Others: To the "Notable Men of the Foremost Nation" Dan Clendenin
The Scandal of the Particular: Preached at Trinity Church Nora Gallagher
"Christ is All and is In All": Beyond Identity Violence and Social Hierarchies Dan Clendenin
God Bless You, Tammy Faye (1942–1997)! "She Was Living By Faith When She Died" Dan Clendenin
False Hopes, Bad Dreams, and Reckless Lies: Jeremiah Yesterday and Today Dan Clendenin
Sabbath-Keeping, Fasting, and "My Own Flesh and Blood" Dan Clendenin
Jesus Does Dinner: Food for Thought for Guests and Hosts Dan Clendenin
When the Fairest Cut is the Deepest: The Risk of Renunciation Dan Clendenin
Remembering 9/11: Political Blowback or Divine Judgment? Dan Clendenin
How Long, O Lord? Why the Delay in Divine Intervention? Dan Clendenin
He Knows My Name Lindsey Crittenden
The Grammar of Faith: Watching and Waiting Dan Clendenin
Strange People, Strange Places: The Geography of Salvation Dan Clendenin
Jacob: Blessed by God and Limping Ever After Dan Clendenin
Seven Little Words: The Only Prayer You'll Ever Need Dan Clendenin
A Decisive Moment Worth Singing About: Remembering The Protestant Reformation Sam Rowen
In the Dust and the Dirt: Greater Glory in Lesser Circumstances Dan Clendenin
The Absence of God's Presence: Mother Teresa, Martin Luther, and Psalm 46 Dan Clendenin
Bringing Heaven to Earth Here and Now Joan Roughgarden
To Live in Longing Nora Gallagher
My Soul Proclaims: Submission and Subversion in Mary's Magnificat Sara Miles
Who Wants to Wait? Lindsey Crittenden
Remembering Rachel: The Slaughter of the Innocents Pam Fickenscher
Pagan Magi and Power Politics: The "Disclosure" of Epiphany Dan Clendenin

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