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Lectionary Essays for the year 2011.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
An "Acute Embarrassment"? The Baptism of Jesus Dan Clendenin
"A Loyal Member of a Dysfunctional Family:" Why I Go to Church Dan Clendenin
A Radical Response to a Unique Opportunity:"They Immediately Left Everything" Dan Clendenin
The Wisdom of the World and the Foolishness of God Dan Clendenin
Making Dreams a Reality: Celebrating Black History Month Dan Clendenin
The Perfect Life for Imperfect People: "Be Merciful" Dan Clendenin
The Parallel Universe of the People of God Dan Clendenin
"Don't Live Like a Pagan Gentile:" The Words of Jesus and the Worries of Life Dan Clendenin
Illuminating the Ordinary: Transfiguration Day Amy Frykholm
Tempting Fate: First Sunday in Lent Barbara Pitkin
The Longest and Hardest Journey: Second Sunday in Lent Dan Clendenin
Living for More Than Bread and Water: Third Sunday in Lent Dan Clendenin
"Jesus Spit:" Fourth Sunday in Lent Dan Clendenin
Lazarus and the "Haunting Hypothetical:" Fifth Sunday in Lent Dan Clendenin
Stop Pretending: From Lenten Ash to Easter Light Sara Miles
Ours the Cross, the Grave, the Skies Rebecca Lyman
"Peace to You" Holocaust Remembrance Day Dan Clendenin
The Road to Emmaus: "What Happened on the Way" Dan Clendenin
Making the Best of a Bad Situation: "Slaves, Submit to Your Masters" Dan Clendenin
The Stone of Stumbling: 10 Reflections on the Gospel and World Religions Dan Clendenin
Paul at Athens: "A Few People Believed" Dan Clendenin
The Divine Mystery of Personal Destiny: Judas and Matthias Dan Clendenin
Come, Creator Spirit: The Inspiration of the Spirit in the Institution of the Church Dan Clendenin
Original Goodness: A Prayer from Outer Space Dan Clendenin
"A Rabble of Blasphemous Conspirators:" Proclamation and Reception of the Early Believers Dan Clendenin
"I Don't Know What I'm Doing:" Failure-Tolerant Christians Dan Clendenin
Divine Redemption in Our Human Families: Lessons from Jacob and Esau Dan Clendenin
The Expectation of All Creation: From Bondage to Decay to Glorious Freedom Dan Clendenin
Discerning the Depths of the Love of God: "Nothing Can Separate Us" Dan Clendenin
"God Blessed Jacob There:" Our Human Struggle with the Divine Dan Clendenin
The Dreams of Joseph: "You Meant It for Evil, But God Meant It for Good" Dan Clendenin
Thinking About Norway Dan Clendenin
Notes from New York on Christ and Culture: "Transformed Nonconformity" Dan Clendenin
Losing Your Life, Finding Your Reward: With Gratitude to Sierra Leone's Orphans Dan Clendenin
Between Resistance and Submission: A Question from Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dan Clendenin
National Tragedies in Light of Spiritual Truths: The Tenth Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks Dan Clendenin
Jesus and Jonah: The Economy and Geography of God's Grace Dan Clendenin
Questions Not Answered: "Follow Me" Dan Clendenin
Creation: "The Leaf Has a Song In It" Dan Clendenin
Give Up Your Worries, Give in to Joy Dan Clendenin
Give Your Money to Caesar, Give Your Self to God Dan Clendenin
Love and Listening Jane Shaw
When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Luther, Dürer, and the Living Word of God Barbara Pitkin
"Put Away Your False Gods" Dan Clendenin
The "Deep History" of "Extinction Events" Dan Clendenin
The Judgment of Injustice: The Feast of Christ The King Dan Clendenin
Advent Agitations: "How Then Can We Be Saved?" Dan Clendenin
Look at Me! World AIDS Day 2011 Arthur J. Ammann
Tears of Despair, Dreams of Laughter Dan Clendenin
Nothing is Too Wonderful to Be True Ron Hansen    
"This Most Tremendous Tale of All" Dan Clendenin
The Best of the Rest: Ten Favorite Books From 2011 Dan Clendenin

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