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Lectionary Essays for the year 2008.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
Wading Into the Waters: The Baptism of Jesus Dan Clendenin
The Outrage of Outsiders: Why So Many People Dislike Christians Dan Clendenin
Race and Repentance: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Dan Clendenin
The Transfiguration of Jesus: "The Real Truth" or A "Pernicious Superstition?" Dan Clendenin
Super Tuesday Meets Ash Wednesday: First Sunday in Lent 2008 Dan Clendenin
Abraham in Three Movements: Second Sunday in Lent 2008 Dan Clendenin
The Woman at the Well: Third Sunday in Lent 2008 Dan Clendenin
Betwixt This World and That of Grace: Fourth Sunday in Lent 2008 Dan Clendenin
Jesus Wept: Fifth Sunday in Lent 2008 Dan Clendenin
The Parallel Universe of the Passion of Jesus Dan Clendenin
"Their Words Seemed Like Nonsense": Easter Sunday 2008 Dan Clendenin
Praying for Peace: The Fifth Anniversary of the Iraq War Dan Clendenin
Science or the Psalms? A God Who Sees, Hears, and Acts Dan Clendenin
Giving Wealth, Getting Faith Dan Clendenin
Is Christianity A "Sublime Bigotry?" 10 Reflections on the Gospel and World Religions Dan Clendenin
From Synagogues and Sanctuaries to Bars and Boardrooms: The Apostle Paul at the Areopagus Dan Clendenin
"Everyone Has a Name": Holocaust Remembrance Day Dan Clendenin
From the Inspiration of the Spirit to the Institution of the Church: Pentecost 2008 Dan Clendenin
The Poetry of Creation Dan Clendenin
Listening to the Birds, Looking at the Flowers Dan Clendenin
He Breaks the Bow and Shatters the Spear: Peace Poetry for Memorial Day 2008 Dan Clendenin
The Journey Without, The Journey Within: Ignorance, Inclusion, and Impotence Dan Clendenin
"God Has Brought Me Laughter:" Sarah, "The Mother of Nations" Dan Clendenin
How Do We Love Burma? A Natural Disaster Exposes a Government's War Against Its Own People Brad Keister
A Father Sacrifices His Son, A God Tests His Disciple Dan Clendenin
A King on a Colt? Zechariah's Peace Poetry Dan Clendenin
Family Values, Biblical Style Dan Clendenin
In Heaven and On Earth: Each Person, Every Nation, All Creation, The Entire Cosmos Dan Clendenin
Accepting God's Acceptance: The Certainty of God's Love Dan Clendenin
Dark Struggles, Divine Blessings: Jacob at the River Jabbok Dan Clendenin
Elijah: "The Troubler of Israel" Dan Clendenin
"All the Ends of the Earth" Dan Clendenin
Positively Maladjusted: Martin Luther King and "Transformed Nonconformity" Dan Clendenin
Moses and Jeremiah: Divine Presence in the Human Struggle Dan Clendenin
Seven Years Later: Remembering 9/11 Dan Clendenin
Payback or Pardon? Jesus, Joseph and the Power of Forgiveness Dan Clendenin
"Are You Envious Because I am Generous?" The Economy and Geography of God's Grace Dan Clendenin
Repentance: Cleaning Up the Messy House Dan Clendenin
The Decalogue: Ten Words on Life, Love, and Justice David Gill
Aaron and The Gods of Gold Dan Clendenin
Credo and the Credit Crisis Adam Hamilton
Humanizing Holiness: Are Some Commandments More Important Than Others? Dan Clendenin
Celebrating the Saints: All Saints Day Dan Clendenin
America's Next President: Beware of The Battered Wife Syndrome Dan Clendenin
The Prophet Zephaniah and "The Great Day of the Lord" Dan Clendenin
American Torture and A Presidential Promise Dan Clendenin
"Awesome Things That We Did Not Expect" Dan Clendenin
Will the Christian Church Keep Its Promise? World AIDS Day Art Ammann
The Subversive Song of the Mother of God: Mary's Magnificat Dan Clendenin
A Startling Announcement to a Girl from Nazareth Ron Hansen    
How Silently, How Silently, The Wondrous Gift is Given: Christmas 2008 Dan Clendenin
Voices from the Desert: New Year's Resolutions from our Monastic Mothers and Fathers Dan Clendenin

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