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Lectionary Essays for the year 2010.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
"Take Up and Read:" Ten Favorite Books from 2009 Dan Clendenin
Party Time: The Wedding at Cana Dan Clendenin
Today is Here Sara Miles
Not Everything Turns Out Well Dan Clendenin
Keep Marching to the End Dan Clendenin
Oblivious to the Obvious: Be a Healer, Not a Hater Dan Clendenin
The Grace of Bewilderment: First Sunday in Lent 2010 Rebecca Lyman
Don't Fear the Thief Pam Fickenscher
Lent Beyond Easter Margalynne Armstrong
Turn, Turn, Turn Lindsey Crittenden
Passionate Love Mary Graves
Sorrow and Love Flow Mingled Down Palm Sunday Sara Miles
"They Have Taken Away My Lord and I Do Not Know Where They Have Laid Him" Kathryn Greene-McCreight
Sent for Peace: Holocaust Memorial Day Dan Clendenin
Renunciation and Return: To Be Fully Known and Freely Loved Dan Clendenin
From the Old Eden to the New Jerusalem: Revelation and "The Healing of the Nations" Dan Clendenin
Back to the Basics: Love One Another Dan Clendenin
"The Glory and Honor of the Nations" Dan Clendenin
The Last and Best Word: "The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With All" Dan Clendenin
What It Is, What It's Not: Pentecost 2010 Kathryn Greene-McCreight
"I Have Much More to Say to You" Lessons from a Love Story Dan Clendenin
True Grace for Real Sin: The Message of Paul to the Galatians Dan Clendenin
Our "Illustrious God-Inspired Mothers:" "They Were Remarkable Women Indeed" Dan Clendenin
"Where is Your God?" Reflections on a Lunch Time Phone Call Dan Clendenin
A Spurious Verse with an Authentic Voice: My Favorite Text That Shouldn't Be in the Bible Dan Clendenin
Believers without Borders: Christian Ambivalence on the 4th of July Dan Clendenin
Remembering Romero: Amos the Prophet vs. Amaziah the Priest Dan Clendenin
Amos: From Personal Piety to Social Justice Dan Clendenin
"Lord, Teach Us to Pray" Dan Clendenin
"Christ is In All": A Runaway Slave Returns Home Dan Clendenin
"Don't Worry About Your Life": Jesus Speaks to Our Fears and Anxieties Dan Clendenin
Believing Isn't Seeing: "None of Them Received What Had Been Promised" Dan Clendenin
"He Put His Hands on Her": The Compassion of Jesus Meets the Hypocrisy of Religion Dan Clendenin
A Spirituality of Food:"The All-Sufficient Metaphor for Power" Dan Clendenin
The Care of Creation: "Choose Life for You and Your Children" Bill McKibben
God's Unlimited Patience For My Imperfect Progress Dan Clendenin
Faith and Wealth: Gospel Lessons, Wall Street Examples Dan Clendenin
"Peculiar Respect" for the Poor of the World: Imitating God, Nourishing Our Own Souls Dan Clendenin
"Though the Fig Tree Does Not Bud:" Living the Questions of the Problem of Evil Dan Clendenin
Where God Works: Foreign Places, Foreign People Dan Clendenin
Fighting the Long Defeat: Dark Struggles and Divine Blessings Dan Clendenin
Lord, Have Mercy: What's Wrong About Being Right Dan Clendenin
"The Son of Man Came to Seek and to Save the Lost:" Reformation Sunday Helen B. Brooks
"My Spirit Remains Among You:" Divine Presence in the Dust and Dirt of Our Lives Dan Clendenin
Heaven: Our "Enduring Fascination" Dan Clendenin
"Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews:" The Feast of Christ the King Dan Clendenin
Before and After Dan Clendenin
World AIDS Day 2010: Universal Access and Human Rights Art Ammann
"A Child in a Foul Stable / Where the Beasts Feed and Foam" Dan Clendenin
Dreams of a Christmas Credo Dan Clendenin
Beyond a Sentimental Gospel: The Slaughter of the Innocents Dan Clendenin
Is the Stage Too Big for the Actors?" When Time Will Have Reached Its Fulfillment" Dan Clendenin

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