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Eighth Day columns for year 2016.

Date Posted Eighth Day Column Title Author
January 3, 2016 One Human Family Dan Clendenin
January 17, 2016 Home Debie Thomas
January 31, 2016 Poetry for Ash Wednesday and Lent Dan Clendenin
February 14, 2016 After the Ashes: In Memory of Brett Foster (1973–2015) Dan Clendenin
February 28, 2016 Syria: Reclaiming Our Common Humanity Dan Clendenin
March 13, 2016 The Water Will Hold You Debie Thomas
March 25, 2016 Most Glorious Lord of Life Dan Clendenin
April 10, 2016 Healthier Habits with Digital Devices: Seven Ideas Dan Clendenin
April 24, 2016 Stories That Howl Debie Thomas
May 8, 2016 As If the Truth Were True: Remembering Daniel Berrigan Dan Clendenin
May 29, 2016 Open Wounds Debie Thomas
June 12, 2016 Faith and Film: Forty Years of Taxi Driver Dan Clendenin
June 26, 2016 Thoughts and Prayers Debie Thomas
July 10, 2016 David Lynch: A "Cinema of Emotional Extreme" Dan Clendenin
July 24, 2016 The Woman Question Debie Thomas
August 7, 2016 To Saint Peter Claver Dan Clendenin
August 21, 2016 A Prayer to the Blessed Trinity Dan Clendenin
September 4, 2016 For I Know the Plans Debie Thomas
September 18, 2016 My “Extreme Poverty Learning Adventure” in Uganda and Kenya Debbie Hall
October 2, 2016 Shadowlands Debie Thomas
October 16, 2016 Called to Dissonance Debie Thomas
November 13, 2016 Quilt Us Together: Prayers for a New President Dan Clendenin
November 27, 2016 My New Monastic Life Brother Eckhart Camden, OSB
December 11, 2016 Why I Stay: A Prayer Debie Thomas
December 25, 2016 O That Birth Forever Blessed Dan Clendenin

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