Conversations for year 2017.

Date Posted Conversation Title Author
October 1, 2017 Sola Scriptura: An Interview with Mark Noll Dan Clendenin
September 3, 2017 Journalism Disrupted: An Interview with Lisa Krieger Dan Clendenin
August 6, 2017 Remembering Those in Prison: An Interview with Liz Milner Dan Clendenin
July 2, 2017 American Politics in the Time of Trump: An Interview with Doug McAdam Dan Clendenin
June 4, 2017 Gender-Based Violence: An Interview with Anne Firth Murray Brie Linkenhoker
May 7, 2017 The Brave New World of Biotechnology: An Interview with Hank Greely Brie Linkenhoker
April 2, 2017 Making Movies in Tinseltown: An Interview with Film Producer Ralph Winter Dan Clendenin
March 5, 2017 The Ongoing Disaster — Women, Children, and HIV: An Interview with Art Ammann Dan Clendenin
February 5, 2017 Faith, Film, and Hollywood: An Interview with Sister Rose Pacatte Dan Clendenin
January 8, 2017 Health and Health Care: An Interview with Rae Lee Clark Dan Clendenin

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