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with Jesus

The Revd Jim Mcpherson


slant’s the charge in Parable’s grenade; the wacky

wisdom known to clowns and prophets who can

snatch a glimpse of Life beyond Death’s stranglehold,

and dare proclaim the Emperor has no clothes

slant’s the foil to one-eyed seeing, that perceives

the markers God has planted in the plane of Entropy

and Time to point beyond, yet can’t resolve their

swirls and almost-patterns; slant’s the offset angle

of the second eye, which allows for solid seeing

so some can glimpse a 3D image starting to cohere

beyond the plane: the Parable enfleshed, the Prince

of Slant – Death’s trophy kill, securing Death’s defeat

Note: “Solid seeing” (stereopsis) names the brain’s ability to coordinate two eyes’ slightly different images into a perception of depth. The Magic Eye images (popularised in the 1990s by Magic Eye Inc) do not require supplementary lenses (as a 3D movie does). However, there is no stereoptic “magic” for those whose second eye is covered or unable to function; slant opens up the truth that can’t be fully seen except for slant.

© the Revd Jim McPherson
Mount Coolum, Qld
First published Anglican Theological Review August 2015

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