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with Jesus

By David Werther.

Buddy Guy, Rhythm & Blues (RCA, 2013)

           Try this: Type the name of any great rock guitarist and “Buddy Guy” into Google. If you googled "Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton" you'll know that Clapton has called Guy the greatest living guitar player, one with "total freedom of spirit." Anyone who wished to argue Clapton's case could submit Rhythm and Blues as evidence. 

           Guy shares some of his story on this two-CD set: paying tribute to his mother, "My Mama Loved Me," describing his early days living in a shack and picking cotton, "I Came Up Hard," celebrating his affection for the windy city, "Meet Me in Chicago," and his love of the blues, "Blues Don't Care" and "All that Makes Me Happy is the Blues." Throughout he plumbs the depths and range of emotions in his supremely expressive playing. In "I Go By Feel" Guy gets to the heart of his life story and guitar prowess: "People always ask me about the blues I play; I say it just comes through me; I don't know no other way; I go by feel… I just open my heart and it flows through my hand."

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