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Turtle: The Incredible Journey (2011)Turtle: The Incredible Journey (2011)

           It's an epic journey for the loggerhead turtle. A hatchling begins life buried alive on the beaches of Florida. After three days of digging, the tiny turtle surfaces, then heads straight for the ocean, where it spends the rest of its life. After two days of swimming, it buries itself in a raft of seaweed and rides the watery superhighway of the gulf stream currents. Every few minutes it must surface for air. There are problems aplenty: oil slicks left by monster tankers, human trash, fish nets, predators, and fierce storms that blow them ashore. When it hits the Azore Islands off the coast of Africa, it turns around and heads back to the Caribbean. Twenty-one years and 8,000 miles later, it finds a mate, then returns to the beach in Florida where it was born to lay its eggs in the sand. There are lots of nature films out there; I thought this one was fantastic. The narration, music and scenery were excellent. At seventy-five minutes it's short enough, making it fantastic for a family film night. I watched Turtle on Netflix streaming

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