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Tracks (2014) — AustraliaTracks (2014) — Australia

           In 1977, when she was twenty-six, Robyn Davidson walked 1700 miles across western Australia's barren outback with her dog and four camels. When her article about the trip in National Geographic (which helped to fund her trip) was wildly popular, she wrote a best selling memoir about the experience called Tracks (1980). This film version recreates her feat. The most interesting part of the film is the beginning, when Davidson (played by Mia Wasikowska) trains feral camels to accompany her. The camels were imported in the nineteenth century, and in the ensuing years became wild and populous. The trek itself is boring. There are sunsets, sand storms, snakes, and sacred grounds that require the presence of an Aboriginal elder named Eddy. The landscape is harsh and beautiful. There's an ambivalent relationship with a young photographer from National Geographic, ambivalent because Davidson is a loner who is more comfortable with animals than people.

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