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The Simpsons Movie (2007)The Simpsons Movie (2007)

After 18 years as one of television's most successful shows, devotees of Springfield's endearingly dysfunctional family will love ninety commercial-free minutes of biting social satire. Or as the DVD case explains the PG-13 rating, the "irreverent humor throughout." Indeed! And best of all, no one gets a free pass — not politics, religion, the media, environmentalists, entertainment, or even gays. There's even a plot. When Homer pollutes all of Springfield by dumping a silo of pig manure into the lake, his family escapes to start life over in Alaska. Later Homer returns to rescue the town from the ominous and incompetent feds. He's the anti-hero as hero. Along the way, he falls out of favor with Marge and his family, but back in love with them all. Others might wonder what's the fuss, and echo Homer's self parody in the beginning of the film: why would anyone pay to see a movie of something they could watch on TV for free?! I definitely count myself in the former group and was happy to pay to watch a favorite family do more of same.

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