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The Savages (2007)The Savages (2007)

When the elderly Lenny has a "toileting incident," and his girl friend Doris dies, his baby boomer children from whom he has been long estranged travel from New York to Sun City, Arizona, to care for their dad. Jon (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) relocate Lenny to Buffalo, New York, where they put him in a "nursing home." There are curled family photos to sort through, bingo twice a week, reams of forms to sign, and palpable angst about what they've done and how everyone will cope. "We're taking better care of him," says Jon, "than he did of us." Lenny suffers from dementia and "disinhibition." Jon is 42 and single, has high cholesterol, and just lost his Polish girlfriend. Wendy is 39 and single, has a boyfriend who's married, pops Xanax for her nerves, and hopes to jump start her freelance writing career with a grant. Writer and director Tamara Jenkins was nominated for an Oscar for combining mid-life humor and family heartache in a destiny that awaits us all — the role reversal when aging children must care for their aged parents.

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