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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

           Wes Anderson's nostalgic look at a bygone era is set in an elegant hotel in the fictitious republic of Zubrowka during the 1930s. At the center of this dramatic comedy are the concierge M. Gustave and his side kick and protege, the lobby boy Zero Moustafa. When Gustave becomes the heir of one of his patron's great wealth, and is subsequently framed for her murder, he and Zero must run for their lives. The film begins in the present, when the Grand Budapest is but a thread bare semblance of its former grandeur, and ends in the present, when we learn how Zero came to own the hotel, and why he chose to keep it despite the ravages of time. As you would expect in a Wes Anderson film, the color, the music, and the whimsy make this a pleasure to watch.

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