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Sweet Land (2005)Sweet Land (2005)

The plot is simple and the pace is slow, but this story about overcoming community prejudice against the "outsider" is nevertheless powerful. Told through a series of flashbacks when she buries her husband in 1968, the story takes place in the 1920s when Inge, a mail order bride from Germany, travels to rural Minnesota to meet her husband-to-be, a Norwegian farmer named Olaf. The only problem is that Olaf had no clue that Inge was German. Her immigration papers are also incomplete, which provides a convenient excuse to ostracize her. She is, after all, from enemy Germany, land of the socialists, and besides, the Lutheran pastor thinks she makes her coffee too strong. The banker would love to foreclose on their property. The neighbors gossip. When the community prohibits them from marrying, Olaf and Inge live together openly, and fall in love amidst the stunning scenery and back-breaking labor of the Minnesota plains.

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