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Spanglish (2004)Spanglish (2004)

           Adam Sandler in a serious role? Yes, after a fashion. As the most famous chef in America, husband, and father, he plays John Clasky, and is married to Deborah, a suburban housewife who raises the bar for what it means to be a type-A control freak. When we meet her mother Evelyn we understand why.This Los Angeles family is very wealthy and profoundly dysfunctional. Enter Flor, a Mexican housekeeper who has a teenage daughter Cristina who is the same age as the Clasky's daughter Bernice. Since her mom does not speak English, Cristina narrates the film for us. You can imagine the sub-plots of this "blended" family, but in the end Flor is a source of humanity, warmth, and normalcy for everyone.

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