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Ride and Fly (2012) — FranceRide and Fly (2012) — France

           If you're an adrenaline junkie looking for a new rush, the new hybrid sport of "speed riding" might be your ticket. Just strap skis on your feet and a modified paraglide sail on your back, then head for the steepest, snowy cliff and jump off. This documentary film follows three world class speed riders who have pioneered the last ten years to make this an "official" sport — Maxence Cavalade, Jerome Baud, and Francois Bon. In their spare time these guys do base jumping, free flying, sky diving, and scuba, so it's not a casual crowd. And the learning curve is steep; you need to do 500 "autonomous" flights before you're considered qualified. Nor is it cheap, since you might need a helicopter to fly you to your remote starting point. So "don't try this at home," as the saying goes. Special kudos for the incredible photography in this fun film. This movie is only 52-minutes, and would make for a great family night. I watched it on Netflix streaming.

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