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Philomena (2013)Philomena (2013)

           When Philomena Lee was a youngster she had a roll in the hay with another teenager and became pregnant, the result of which was that she was sent away in shame to an Irish convent. There she gave birth, and for that privilege she was required to work at the convent for four years, during which time the nuns sold her baby for $1000 to some Americans. Such were the customs of the day. This movie brings to screen the book by the BBC journalist Martin Sixsmith, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee (2009). His efforts to write Philomena's story turned into his collaboration to help her find her son. And as you might imagine, this is not a linear narrative. Critics and casual moviegoers have raved about this film; it earned a 92% on the Tomatometer and was nominated for dozens of awards. This film will draw comparisons with another film set in a 1960s Irish convent, The Magdalene Sisters.

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