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Mysterious Mamberamo (2001) — IndonesiaMysterious Mamberamo (2001) — Indonesia

           Talk about adventue travel to extreme environments. Film maker Pavol Barabáš follows two friends, photographer Laco Gulik and mountain climber Jindro Martiš, whose goal is to be the first people in the world to film the Mamberamo tribe that lives deep in the jungles of New Guinea, untouched by human civilization. That's a tall order, because access to Indonesia's 250 inindigenous groups is strictly prohibited by the government, even though they had permits, and nearly impossible because of the terrain. This story is far more about the journey, which took five weeks and covered 600 miles, than the destination, which only figures in the last ten minutes of the one-hour film. With the help of native porters, the intrepid explorers brave thick tropical forests, steep gorges, torrential rains, bamboo bridges, river crocodiles, and the dreaded malaria. Along the way they befriend numerous villages amd people,. most of whom have heard about white people but never seen them. They observe their traditions of family, weddings, funerals, war, music, food, and, yes, cannibalism. I watched this film on Netflix Streaming.

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