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Melancholia (2011)Melancholia (2011)

           The Danish director Lars von Trier continues his dark view of the world with this story about two sisters. Justine (Kirsten Dunst) tries to be happy on her wedding day at a seaside estate, but she's in the grip of a longstanding clinical depression (which von Trier himself has suffered). She's alternately manic, erratic, and withdrawn, sometimes for good reasons (like her parents). Sister Claire faces more than a personal crisis; she dreads a planetary catastrophe. A bright red star that has been "hiding behind the sun" is on a collision course with the earth. And so the roles of the sisters reverse, and now Justine tries to comfort Claire. But she doesn't have much more to offer than nihilistic resignation: "The world's an evil place, we're all alone, and no one will miss it. There's no reason to grieve." The screenplay isn't great, the science is hokey, and the sisters's two stories don't connect, but von Trier is always worth a watch.

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