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Jobs (2013)Jobs (2013)

           There are lots of movies and books about Steve Jobs (1955–2011). If you are familiar with his story, then this bio-drama doesn't add anything at all, although Ashton Kutcher does bear an eerie resemblance to the Apple founder with his hunched shoulders and lanky gait. The "tomatometer" gives the movie a paltry 26%. And there's no substitute for Walter Isaacson's masterful biography Steve Jobs (2011) for the best and fullest portrait we have. Still, the life of Jobs is inherently fascinating for his many, deep contradictions. He was a remarkable visionary, but a deeply troubled human being. In this cinematic version, when co-founder Steve Wozniak finally quit Apple, he summed it up this way: "Steve, it's always and only about you. That's so small, so sad. And it must be very lonely." The film ends in 2001 after Jobs was rehired at Apple and introduced the ipod.

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