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Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

           What's inside Llewyn Davis (a Jew with a Welsh name)? Not much, and very little that's good. He's a melancholic, starving artist of a folk singer in 1961 Greenwich Village. He's a bum and a chronic couch surfer. He offends his hosts and loses a cat. His records don't sell. When he goes to Chicago and auditions, the producer concludes: "I don't see any money here." He decides to give up folk music and return to the merchant marines, but he even fails at that. In one scene, having offended his sister, he tells his nephew, "Danny, you uncle is a bad person." He's right. The Coen brothers love to explore losers, and their protagonist in this film is no exception. The winter sky and horrible weather set the scene. Why does fate treat people so differently? To punctuate this point, in the final scene, yet another starving artist takes the stage and starts to croon — an unknown and undiscovered Bob Dylan.

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