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Incendies (2010) — LebanonIncendies (2010) — Lebanon

When Nawal Marwan died, her will instructed her twin children, Jeanne and Simon, to deliver sealed letters to a brother they never knew they had and to a father they thought was dead. Only after they fulfilled that sacred request could they give their mother a proper burial. This burdensome mission requires Jeanne and Simon to reconstruct a dark and hidden family history that was lived out in the equally dark political history of Lebanon's civil war of the 1970s. The film is a painful reminder of just how tragic war is, and what it does to people, but also an example of how the worst hatreds and horrors cannot extinguish human grace and goodness. Those letters are finally delivered and opened, and when they are, there is light even in the darkness. "Incendies" (which is the French word for scorched or destruction by fire) was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Language film. In French and Arabic with English sub-titles.

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