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In Bruges (2008) In Bruges (2008)

Ray and Ken are two hit men from London whose boss, Harry, has ordered them to lay low in Bruges, Belgium. Bruges is the most well preserved medieval town in Belgium, and its church bells, cobblestone streets, canals, and religious art work their magic on Ken. Ken wonders about their vocation. Ray hates Bruges, but one day in a medieval church his conscience awakes and he asks Ken, "do you believe all that stuff about guilt, sin, and the last judgment?" That's a good question because the rest of this character study, full of black comedy and adsurdist-surreal elements (dwarfs, obese people, racism), has to do with both men seeking redemption. "I don't wanna be a dead man," Ray says. But there is a price to pay for deeds done, both personal and professional; untangling your conscience to make a new start is not so easy, especially when the boss Harry reappears late in the film to insist upon living "by principle" in a whole different way. Warning — this film is full of vulgar language and significant violence.

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