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Idiocracy (2006)Idiocracy (2006)

Fast forward to the year 2505. In this dumbed down world the president of America is a five time, trash-talking Smack Down champion who wields a massive automatic weapon. At Costco, where you can earn your law degree, an obese employee greets customers, "Welcome to Costco, I love you." Every person has a UPC bar code on their wrist. This is the world Joe Bowers woke up to after 500 years, due to a failed human hibernation project of the military. In his previous life he was a dullard, but in his new life he is genius personified. And he saves the world after several zany escapes when he advises America that their dust bowl problems would cease if they irrigated with water instead of Gatorade ("it has electrolytes!"). Some of the humor in this film is rather coarse, but for a fluff movie my wife and I had some good, light-hearted laughs. If you enjoy cultural satire you'll like Idiocracy.

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