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Frances Ha (2012)Frances Ha (2012)

           In the last fleeting image of director Noah Baumbach's wry comedy, we learn something about Frances Ha's name that crystallizes the entire theme of the movie — that this perky but hapless twenty-seven year-old is still trying to learn who she is and her place in the world. She says she's a dancer, but the director offers her the job of secretary. She broke up with her boyfriend, and her buddies kid her that she's "undateable." When a restaurant rejects her credit card, she confesses, "I'm so embarrassed, I'm still not a real person yet." She bounces around from one friend's apartment to the other. Even her best friend Sophie is a flash point for friction. Nonetheless, she insists, "I'm trying to be pro-active about my life." Ha, played by Greta Gerwig (who along with Baumbach wrote the film), proves that coming of age can mean twenty-seven rather than seventeen. Filmed in black and white. Many critics have loved this film, including a 93% on the Tomatometer.

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