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Chico and Rita (2010) — CubaChico and Rita (2010) — Cuba

           This animated romance might not put Pixar out of business, but it was still nominated for an Oscar in 2012 as best animated feature film. It's a sad love story that begins in 1948 Havana and ends sixty years later in Las Vegas. A fictional jazz pianist named Chico is smitten by a singer named Rita. Together they win a music competition in Havana, but then an American manager named Ron, who sports a pencil mustache, takes Rita to New York, where she finds fame. Their stormy relationship takes us on a nostalgic tour of a bygone era, the jazz clubs of Havana, New York, Paris, and Las Vegas, dances like the mambo and rumba, and music legends like Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Chano Pozo. The story is told through Chico's flashbacks from his contemporary perspective as an aging shoe shiner in post-revolutionary Cuba. As if his love story with Rita was not sad enough, jazz in his elderly years had become the music of the "imperialist enemy." In Spanish with English subtitles. I watched this movie on Netflix streaming.

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