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Burn After Reading (2008)Burn After Reading (2008)

When the CIA spy Osborne Cox (John Malkovich) got fired for alcoholism, he lost more than his job. He also lost a CD with sensitive information that fell into the hands of Chad (Brad Pitt), a gum-smacking, fist-pumping fitness trainer at Hardbodies, and his colleague Linda Litzke, who's a serial internet dater with dreams of extensive cosmetic surgery. This dimwitted duo concocts a plan to sell Osborne's CD to the Russians to pay for Linda's surgery. Cox is also losing his wife, Katie, who is having an affair with Harry (George Clooney), a federal marshal who's a sex addict. Unintended consequences are the result for everyone in this clever comedy from director-writers Ethan and Joel Coen (No Country for Old Men). It was refreshing to see Pitt and Clooney cast in roles far outside their types, and to watch the Coens satire politics, sex, body image, addictions, and the longing for love.

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