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Brink: Masdar (2013) — United Arab EmiratesBrink: Masdar (2013) — United Arab Emirates

           When I think of the UAE, I think of an oil rich country in the desert with the tallest building in the world. But about ten miles southeast of Abu Dhabi is a multi-billion dollar urban experiment called Masdar City, literally, "Source City." The project started in 2006 to create a zero-carbon, zero-waste city, the greenest and most self-sustainable city in the world. The project was due for completion in 2016 but has been pushed back a decade due to the global financial crisis. Still, this little 20-minute film gives a tantalizing introduction to the carless city, its high tech labs, and vast array of solar panels the size of 300 football fields. Welcome to the post-petroleum world. The film comes from the Bloomberg Brink series that showcases "the revolutionaries, dreamers and disrupters that are re-shaping the future" in technology, design, and industry. For more on Masdar City, see the wiki article:

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