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Annie Leibovitz; Life Through a Lens (2008)Annie Leibovitz; Life Through a Lens (2008)

          In 1970 Annie Leibovitz joined a fledgling, counter-cultural magazine called Rolling Stone as a staff photographer, and later toured with the rock group the Rolling Stones. When she left thirteen years later to join the glitz and glamour of Vanity Fair, she was one of the world's most famous photographers. In this documentary, directed by her sister Barbara Leibovitz, dozens of her subjects and art critics comment on how her work reflected and recorded the Zeitgeist of her times. Most would say that she has few peers in portraiture photography. Many will remember her for her relationship with Susan Sontag. Leibovitz herself narrates most of this film, and although she herself is quite candid, there's precious little criticism or much that's deeply personal. A stint in rehab is barely mentioned, as is the deep paradox of someone who rocked with Mick Jagger then made millions shooting celebrities in highly stylized magazine covers for Tina Brown. Nothing is mentioned of her pronounced financial difficulties. Still, watching this film is a visual feast of Leibovitz's work; I kept wanting to hit the pause button to linger over a photo.

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