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Angela (2002)—ItalianAngela (2002)—Italian

I watched this film because the DVD case boasts that it won awards at five film festivals, but that only proves that the experts can be badly wrong. Set in 1984 Palermo, Angela is bored at her husband Saro's shoe store, so she takes a more active role in the real family business, which is running drugs by stuffing them into the shoes inside the boxes. Angela is something of a trophy wife for the older mafioso Saro, and you know it's a very bad idea when the younger Masino, a confidant of Saro, starts to hit on her. What was he thinking? In a mafia movie? In prison Saro dumps Angela and promises, "your prince charming is a walking corpse." We never see Masino again, nor does Angela. I tired at watching unshaven men with unbuttoned shirts and pinky rings talk tough in darkened rooms, and failed to find anything very interesting in this movie. In Italian with English subtitles.

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