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Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides, Working With Time (2001)Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides, Working With Time (2001)—Scottish

"There is a world," remarks the environmental sculptor Andy Goldsworthy of Scotland (born 1956), "beyond which words cannot describe." With that he tosses a mud ball made of dark red crushed iron stone into a river for an explosion of color. What once was solid is now liquid, the immobile stone now part of the flowing river. Ice. Twigs. Thorns. Dandelions. Rocks. Sand. Sheep wool. Snaking ribbons of braided leaves. From the North Pole to Canada, Japan, Australia, and New York, all of his work, most of which is ephemeral because that same nature will destroy it, is made from the elements of nature, sculpted in nature, and is about nature. But words cannot begin to unpack the haunting beauty and evocative power of his creations. This is a remarkable documentary about an extraordinary artist doing brilliant work. Goldsworthy narrates the film and explains how and why he does what he does. Themes of Creation and Creator loom large here. If you cannot watch this wonderful film, simply "google" his name to see some of his hundreds of works.

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