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Ajami (2009) — West Bank, Israeli and Palestinian Ajami (2009) — West Bank, Israeli and Palestinian

Ajami is a neighborhood in Jaffa, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims live under the constant threat of violence. This film revolves around five main characters whose families embody not only the tensions between these three groups but especially the tensions within their own people. Omar must hire protection for his family in order to resist extortionists who will retaliate because his uncle shot one of their bedouin clan. He also loves the Christian girl Hadir. Omar's friend, Malek, is an illegal Palestinian worker who's trying to get $75,000 for his sick mother's operation. Dando is a brutal Israeli policeman who tenderly loves his father and two little girls. Binj is deep into drugs and has an Israeli girlfriend. Much as in the movie Crash, the lives of these five people and their families collide, and no one is any better for it. Ajami was nominated for best foreign film, and has received numerous international awards. In Arabic, Hebrew, and English, with English subtitles.

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