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Inside Out (2015)Inside Out (2015)

By Megan Clendenin

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what's going on inside
 their head? Disney Pixar’s Inside Out explores this question (which
 also opens the trailer) in their animated film released this summer.

The story is set, literally, inside the head of Riley, a young girl from
 Minnesota.  Joy (Amy Polar), Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear are
 personifications of Riley’s emotions.  The team of five works in 
head-quarters, acting as an emotional pit crew to coach Riley through 
each day and, importantly, inventory her memories that shape her 

When Dad tries to feed baby Riley broccoli, Disgust shoves it away.
 As Riley learns to ice-skate, Fear makes sure that she stays close to Mom
 and Dad!

Riley grows up with Joy leading the team, and Sadness kept at arms 
length in head-quarters.  The majority of her memories are happy ones
, like her loving parents, playing hockey, and her home in Minnesota.

However, when Riley’s family moves to San Francisco, Joy and Sadness
 are separated from head-quarters.  With Fear, Disgust, and Anger alone
 in head-quarters, Riley’s personality and relationships take a turn.

Joy and Sadness struggle, while the rest of Riley’s head tries to 
re-establish Riley’s emotional balance.  The polarized duo wanders
 through the maze of “long term memory,” races to catch the “Train of
 Thought,” hijacks Riley’s dream studio, and more. Joy, Fear, Disgust,
 Anger, and even Sadness have to work together to save their beloved 

A creative and imaginative adventure, beautifully animated, with a 
touching message, Inside Out will surely leave you smiling.

Don’t be late to the theater, or you’ll miss another wonderful Pixar
 digital “short” before the main film.  Fun for kids and adults alike, 
make sure you turn Inside Out this summer!

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