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Snow to Sand (2018)Snow to Sand (2018)

In 2018, almost 1200 people self-reported that they had completed the entire 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. And every last one of those people hiked in the season between April and October in order to avoid the obvious: harsh winter conditions that include frigid temperatures, high winds, snow storms, rain, and short days. There is now one exception to these statistics. In 2014 Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter became the first people ever to hike the entire PCT during the winter, 132 days from October 21, 2014 to March 1, 2015. The New York Times described their plan as "the most daring and foolhardy wilderness expedition since Lewis and Clark." But Forry and Lichter were no novices. Between the two of them they had hiked about 55,000 miles all over the world, including 5,000 miles together. This one-hour film tells the story of their remarkable feat. There are three big questions that were left unanswered in this movie, and they are important ones. First, how did they replenish their food and supplies? Second, what technology did they use for communication and navigation? And then, I wanted to know more about who did the photography for the film and how they did it. I watched this film on Amazon Prime Video.

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