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Imba Means Sing (2015)—UgandaImba Means Sing (2015)—Uganda

In the wake of Uganda's civil war, in 1984 Ray Barnett founded a non-profit called the African Children's Choir to help war orphans (see here:  The choir draws children from seven African countries, ages seven to twelve, based upon competitive auditions, to tour around the world. This documentary film follows "Choir 39" as they tour for eighteen months, switching back and forth to their homes in Kampala. There are twenty kids in the choir, but the film tells their story mainly through the experiences of three kids.  Moses, a drummer and a born leader, wants to be a pilot.  Angel loves to swim and play with friends.  She wants to be a president.  Then there is Nina.  The Grammy-nominated ACC tours have raised funds for over 50,000 kids to continue their educations back home.  This movie exudes courage, resilience, and joy, and would be perfect for a family film night.  I watched it on Netflix Streaming.

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