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Take Shelter (2011)Take Shelter (2011)

This psychological thriller by director Jeff Nichols debuted at the Cannes, Sundance and Toronto festivals.  Curtis Laforche is a thirty-five-year old construction worker in small town Ohio, a devoted husband to Samantha, and a loving father to his deaf daughter Hannah. "You've got a good life," says one of his buddies, and it's true.  That is, until he starts having violent dreams at night and hallucinations during the day.  Curtis tries to hide his problems, but his increasingly erratic behavior makes that impossible.  He takes out a risky loan to rebuild a tornado shelter in his back yard, stocks it with gas masks, has a seizure, and loses his job.  He fears he might be following in the steps of his mother, who was hospitalized for paranoid schizophrenia, so he goes to various counselors and doctors.  But for Curtis, his psychological problems portend uncertain dangers that are even more dreadful:  "It's hard to explain because it's not just a dream," he tells Samantha, "it's a feeling.  I think something might be coming, something that's not right.  I can't describe it, I just need you to believe me."  Is Curtis mentally ill?  A sort of prophet?  Maybe both?  The conclusion of this movie had viewers wondering.

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