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Loving (2016)Loving (2016)

When Richard and Mildred got married in 1958, they committed a crime in the state of Virginia.  That's because Virginia was one of twenty-four states that still had miscegenation laws that made inter-racial marriage illegal.  And sure enough, they were arrested, but got a "deal" from the judge.  If they pleaded guilty, instead of going to prison, he would suspend their sentence if they left the state for twenty-five years.  They chose the latter, but five years and three children later, urban life in DC was not for them, so they returned.  In the mean time, Mildred had written a letter to Attorney General Robert Kennedy (which letter still exists in his archives), who in turn asked the ACLU to help the couple.  Life magazine then featured them.  The rest, as they say, is history — important constitutional history.  A 1967 unanimous decision by the Supreme Court, Loving v. Virginia, struck down state miscenegation laws.  In a famous line that has ricocheted down through history, when his attorney asked Richard if he had anything to say to the Supreme Court, he replied, "Tell them that I love my wife."  "Loving" received a five-minute standing ovation when it premiered at the Cannes film festival, along with numerous other accolades and awards.

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