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Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (2016)Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (2016)

If you want a creation myth for the birth of the internet, film maker Werner Herzog suggests October  29, 1969 at 10:30 PM.  That's when computers at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute "talked" to each other.  Eventually, there came about remarkable achievements with things like online education and driverless cars.  This being a Herzog film, though, dark and existential questions soon followed the simple history and romantic claims — about internet addictions, horrific photos that should have remained private that were broadcast to the entire world, solar flares that could fry the whole net, cyber attacks (corporate, state, or hackers), living on Mars (per Elon Musk), artificial intelligence, and the future of humanity.  By now the whole world is deeply dependent on and interconnected with the internet, which is to say that we are vulnerable to all sorts of massive disruptions.  And Werner Herzog?  I heard him say on a PBS interview that he doesn't own a cell phone.  Solid!  I watched this film for $6.99 on Amazon Video.

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