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A poem or prayer is featured here each week.

Poems and Prayers

Below is our most recently featured poem or prayer. All poems and prayers previously listed here may be found in the Comprehensive Index of Poems and Prayers.

Creation Praise
An early Celtic prayer

I offer Thee
Every wave that ever moved,
Every heart that ever loved,
Thee, my Father's Well-Beloved,
Dear Lord.

Every River Dashing,
Every lightning flashing,
Like the angel's sword.
Benedicimus Te!

I offer Thee Every Cloud that ever swept
O'er the skies and broke and wept
In rain, and with the flowerlets slept.
My king.

Each communicant praying,
Every angel staying
Before Thy throne to sing.
Adoramus Te!

I offer Thee
Every flake of virgin snow,
Every spring of earth below,
Every human joy and woe,
My love!

O Lord! And all the glorious
Self o'er death victorious,
Throned in heaven above.
Glorificamus Te!

From Calvin Miller, The Path of Celtic Prayer (Downers Grove: IVP, 2007), p. 96.