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Every Monday the Journey with Jesus posts a new essay based upon the Biblical Lectionary, a film review, a book review, and a poem or prayer. The Eighth Day is published every Wednesday.

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The Journey with Jesus: Film Reviews

Film Reviews by Dan Clendenin

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) — JapanJiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) — Japan

           "At night I dream about sushi," says the legendary Jiro Ono; "I leap out of bed and write down my ideas." He's 85 years old now, and been making sushi for 70 years. Some say he's the best in the world. This much is true — his ten-seat restaurant in the underground Tokyo subway earned a three-star rating from Michelin. Jiro has no life except for his craft, and he loves what he does. He's hard on himself, constantly trying to improve, and demanding on his apprentices. He pays the closest attention to the tiniest of details, like massaging the octopus for forty minutes instead of thirty, or observing that a customer is left handed and presenting the sushi accordingly. His customers say they get nervous eating there because Jiro stares at them to see their reaction. This documentary focuses on Jiro, his two sons who live in his shadow even as they work with him, several apprentices, the local fish markets that supply his restaurant, a rice expert, and a Japanese food critic. If you'd like to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro, plan accordingly; the reservation list is a month long and meals start at about $300. In Japanese with English subtitles.