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Every Monday the Journey with Jesus posts a new essay based upon the Biblical Lectionary, a film review, a book review, and a poem or prayer. The Eighth Day is published every Wednesday.

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The Journey with Jesus: Film Reviews

Film Reviews by Dan Clendenin

Amelie (2001)—French

           Amelie Poulain, a waitress at a Paris cafe, grew up with "a neurotic mother (who committed suicide) and an iceberg father," so she withdrew into her imaginative and shy self. She finds her gift, which is to bestow joy and serendipity upon the least suspecting people through creatively contrived circumstances—her apartment concierge, a blind man, and even her father. At first whimsical, light hearted and winsome, the film takes a final, poignant turn when Amelie must learn to accept love and joy for herself. Amelie earned five Oscar nominations.