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Journey with Jesus Essays - A Comprehensive Index for 2014

This index lists all of the Journey with Jesus essays by Daniel B. Clendenin for the year 2014. For other years, see the links below.

Date Posted Title Topic
15 December 2014 The Pause Before Yes by Debie Thomas The Fourth Sunday of Advent
8 December 2014 Prophets Among Us by Joan Bigwood The third Sunday in Advent by Joan Bigwood.
1 December 2014 Don't Be Daunted by Art Ammann World AIDS Day and the second Sunday in Advent.
24 November 2014 Hard Gifts by Debie Thomas First Sunday in Advent, 2014
17 November 2014 Your Letter of Reference to the Last Judgment by Dan Clendenin The separation of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25.
10 November 2014 "She Shattered His Temple:" Ten Suggestions for Reading "Texts of Terror" by Dan Clendenin A text of terror, Jael slays Sisera.
3 November 2014 The Stories We Tell by Debie Thomas Which God Will We Choose?
27 October 2014 The Perseverance of the Saints: All Saints Day by Edwina Gateley All Saints Day 2014.
20 October 2014 Numbering Our Days: Psalm 90 by Dan Clendenin Psalm 90 and the passage of time.
13 October 2014 Knowing and Being Known by Debie Thomas The God Who Knows My Name.
6 October 2014 What I Learned at the White House: The Parable of the Wedding Banquet by Dan Clendenin The parable of the Wedding Banquet.
29 September 2014 Ancient Words for Modern Life: The Ten Commandments by Dan Clendenin The Ten Commandments.
22 September 2014 God in the Dock by Debie Thomas Is God with us or not?
15 September 2014 The Rhetoric of Excess in The Parable of the Workers The parable of the workers in the vineyard.
8 September 2014 Accept One Another: The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant Giving and receiving forgiveness.
1 September 2014 We Live Only When We Love The debt of love.
25 August 2014 The "Sweet Miracle of Our Empty Hands:" God Calls Moses and Jeremiah God calls Moses and Jeremiah.
18 August 2014 Jesus: "The Irresistible Incomprehensible" Who is Jesus?
11 August 2014 God's Mercy On Us All God's indiscriminate embrace.
4 August 2014 Listening for God's Love: What I Did This Summer Listening for God's love on Le Chemin du Puy.
28 July 2014 The Nation of Israel as the People of God The nation of Israel as the people of God
21 July 2014 You Belong to God You belong to God.
14 July 2014 "Kwibuka" — Remembering Rwanda The 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.
7 July 2014 "Staggering Between Despair and Presumption:" Flannery O'Connor's "Christian Realism" Flannery O'Connor between despair and presumption.
30 June 2014 Remembering Wars, Waging Peace Remembering war, waging peace.
23 June 2014 A Terrifying Text: Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Moriah The binding of Isaac by Abraham
16 June 2014 "His Eye is on the Sparrow:" The God Who Sees and Hears God's providential care over Hagar and Ishmael.
9 June 2014 The Best of All Beginnings (guest essay by Debie Thomas) Trinity Sunday.
2 June 2014 Pentecostal Praise: Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014 Pentecost Sunday by Ricardo Avila.
26 May 2014 Exalted at the Right Hand of God: "He Ascended into Heaven" The ascension of Jesus.
19 May 2014 Under God's Rainbow: The Church as Noah's Ark The church as Noah's ark.
12 May 2014 The Stoning of Stephen: What's So Special About The First Christian Martyr? The stoning of Stephen, the first Christian martyr.
5 May 2014 From the Daily Mass to the Domestic Mess Finding God in the pots and pans.
29 April 2014 The Kitchen Maid of Emmaus: Three Paintings and a Poem Painting and poetry about the dinner at Emmaus.
21 April 2014 "Some Were Doubtful:" Thomas and The Touch of Blood Thomas the Doubter.
14 April 2014 Death, Thou Shalt Die Easter Sunday by novelist Ron Hansen.
7 April 2014 Happy Holy Week: Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday Palm Sunday 2014.
31 March 2014 Remembering Death, Confessing Life: Jesus Raises Lazarus Jesus raises Lazarus.
24 March 2014 Vision Correction: Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind Seeing like God sees.
17 March 2014 If You Hear His Voice Choosing liberation rather than loving our bondage.
10 March 2014 Repenting of My Righteousness: A Jewish Ritual for a Lenten Discipline Lent and the Jewish ritual of Kol Nidre.
3 March 2014 My Flannel Graph Jesus (guest essay by Debie Thomas) First Sunday in Lent, the temptation of Jesus.
24 February 2014 If Asked, Don't Tell: Secrecy and Jesus The secrecy of Jesus.
17 February 2014 The People of God as a Positive Social Epidemic The people of God as a positive social epidemic.
10 February 2014 Say Yes, Choose Life The choice of life or death.
3 February 2014 Isaiah and Jesus: Critical Dissent as a Form of Faith Critical dissent as a form of faith.
27 January 2014 Live Different: The Beatitudes of Jesus The Beatitudes of Jesus.
20 January 2014 488 Years Later: Resources for Black History Month Black History Month 2014
13 January 2014 Coming Back for More: Why Go to Church? Why go to church?
6 January 2014 A Shocking Request and a Stupendous Claim: The Baptism of Jesus The baptism of Jesus.