Oxford Center for Mission Study, October 25-November 9, 2002.
Ph.D., 1985, Drew University, Theology and Religion.
M.Phil., 1984, Drew University.
M.Div., 1981, Trinity Divinity School (summa cum laude).
B.A., 1977, Columbia Bible College (cum laude).



2004-present, Founder, the Journey with Jesus Foundation
1995–2003, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Stanford University
1991–1995, Moscow State University, Russia, Visiting Professor,
            Department of Scientific Atheism
1985–1991, William Tyndale College, Michigan, Associate
            Professor, Christian Studies


Consultations in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Liberia, 2004–2006,
for micro-enterprise, HIV-AIDS, and church mission.

Evangelical Theological Seminary, Croatia. Visiting Professor,
two terms, November 13–17, 2000, May 5–9, 2003.

Biblical Seminary of Colombia, Medellin. Visiting Professor, July
24–28, 2000.

Fuller Theological Seminary.   Adjunct professor, March
24–June 2, 1997, North.CA extension (Menlo Park, CA).

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI.
School of Management MBA Program, 3/90 to 7/91 (five terms), adjunct
in business ethics.

Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology,
Kenya. Visiting professor, July 23-August 9, 1990.

Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines.
Visiting professor, two terms: May 2–20, 1988 and May 10–27, 1989.

Bangui Evangelical School of Theology, Central
African Republic. Visiting professor, April 27-May 15, 1987.

Drew University, Teaching Fellow in Systematic
Theology, 1984–1985.

Former Soviet Universities/Institutes (Visiting Lectures)

St. Petersburg State University
Rostov on Don State University
Institute of Philosophy, Latvian Academy of Science
University of Latvia (Riga)
Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, Gorky
Novosibirsk State University (Siberia)
Baku State University (Azerbaijan)
Vilnius University, Lithuania
Moscow State-Faculties of Biology, History, Math,
Earth Sciences, and Foreign Languages
Society for Open Christianity, St. Petersburg
Moscow Christian Graduate School of Psychology
Irkutsk State University (Siberia)
The Humanitarian University, Minsk, Belorussia
Kiev State Linguistic University
Tartu University, Estonia


Competence: Historical and Systematic Theology, Ethics,
Philosophy of Religion
Specialty: Ellul, theodicy, Orthodox theology, theology
of world religions

CHURCH EXPERIENCES (Presbyterian affiliation)

1996–present: Adult classes at Menlo Park Presbyterian

1993–1995: Chairperson, The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy

1985–1991: prison ministry, pulpit supply, adult church
school classes, missions committee, deacon, elder.

1987: Visitation pastor, Ward Presbyterian Church, Livonia,
MI, November-December, 1987.

1986–87: Associate Pastor, Grace Evangelical Presbyterian
Church, Farmington Hills, MI.   July 1986-January 1987.

1983–85: Chairman and Coordinator of Cornerstone EFCA
Church Planting Project, Mountain Lakes, NJ.

1982–83: Youth Pastor, Bethany EFCA, West Orange, NJ.

1978–79: Reading Tutor to inner city kids, Chicago, IL.

1976–77: Senior citizens' Bible teacher, Columbia, SC.

1975–76: Student Director, Midlands State Home for the
Mentally Retarded, Columbia, SC.


American Academy of Religion
American Theological Society
Ellul Studies Forum
Evangelical Theological Society

TRAVEL in 40 countries.


Books (7)

Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective. Grand Rapids:
Baker, 1999 (3rd printing), 176 pp.   Also in Korean translation (Seoul:
Eunsung Publishers, 1996, 301pp).   Revised, second edition, 2003.   First
printing 1994.   England: Paternoster Press, forthcoming.

Eastern Orthodox Theology: A Contemporary Reader, ed. Grand
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Eusung, 1996, 349pp).   224 pp.   Revised, second edition, 2003.   First
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Many Gods and Many Lords; Christianity Encounters World Religions
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Problems in Christian Philosophy, co-ed.   Moscow: Progress
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From the Coup to the Commonwealth;An Inside Look at Life in
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Scholarship, Sacraments, and Service, co-ed. Lewiston, NY: Edwin
Mellen Press, 1990. 296 pp.

Theological Method in Jacques Ellul.   Lanham, MD: University Press
of America, 1987. 165 pp.

Essays (220)

            Since March 2001 I have published a weekly web essay, now
based upon the Revised Common Lectionary, called "The Journey
With Jesus." See   Some 220 essays
are posted at this website (July 2006).

Book Chapters (7)

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Bill Newsome, Professor, Stanford University
Alexander V. Panin, Dean, Moscow State University
Herbert Cocking, former Dean, William Tyndale College
Thomas Oden, Professor, Drew University
Donald Bloesch, Professor, Dubuque Seminary, Iowa


Marathons and Mozart.   In June 2005 I completed my 12th
marathon.   One of my life goals is to listen to the complete works of
Mozart in the critical edition by Philips.